2013-14 Excellence in Teaching Award Nomination Form

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The Excellence in Teaching award is a collaboration of the Academic Senate Committee on Teaching (COT) and the Division of Undergraduate Education.  The awards, based on student nominations, recognize UCSC's exceptional educators of undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty who received the award in the past 5 years (2008-09 through 2012-13) are not eligible to receive the award again in 2013-14. One of the teaching awards is called the Ron Ruby Award and is given to a professor in the Physical and Biological Sciences.

The nomination process is as follows:

STEP 1: SUBMIT YOUR NOMINATION BELOWThe deadline is Tuesday, March 25, 2014.

  • Only current UCSC students may submit a nomination.
  • Graduate students cannot nominate their advisor.
  • OPERS instructors are not eligible to receive an award.
  • Make sure the instructor hasn't received an award in the past 5 years: CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF PAST RECIPIENTS!

STEP 2: FORWARDING OF STATEMENT. Your nomination will be forwarded to the COT for review.

STEP 3: SHORT-LIST SELECTION. COT will determine a short list of top-ranked nominees based on the nomination statements.

STEP 4: STATEMENT OF TEACHING PHILOSOPHY & LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION. The short-list of nominated faculty will be asked to submit a Statement of Teaching Philosophy, and COT will request letters of recommendation from Deans and Chairs.

STEP 5: FINAL REVIEW. COT will review the Statements of Teaching Philosophy, in conjunction with the letters of recommendation and nomination statements, and will select the recipients of the 2013-14 award.

STEP 6: PRESENTATION OF AWARDS. During Spring quarter, an email will be sent to the campus community announcing the recipients of this year's awards and information regarding the awards presentation.


You may wish to review the web form, write and edit your statement, and then cut and paste your statement into the web form, along with other requested information. Please refer to the guidelines for further assistance.